This guy did the cutscene Art: MimaHearth/

and this guy did also some little stuff: Jann/

Hello guys!

This is my entry for the Weekly Jam 154.

The Theme was: Rock, Paper, Scissors

(If you have watched the Series Avatar: The Last Airbender you will more likely get the plot)

You are basically the avatar and you need to fight all other enemies with the corresponding attack. If you don't they will gain strength and beat your ass.

Didn't have the time to really polish or finish the game. Hope you'll still enjoy! :D

Published 16 days ago
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Top down shooter


Avatar The last Janken 11 MB


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Based on the Intro scene I thought this was going to be a gag game,but boy was I mistaken. Nice job combining the theme with ATLA. Excellent Game. The later level enemies are a little too fast, but I suppose thats expected.Keep it up. Checkout my Gameplay.

Thanks so much man! Really appreciate your Gameplay. It was really interesting for me to watch how other people learn the game concept and how to kill the enemies!

My favourite part of this is the way you implement the unique "elements" - changing between them is fun, and they all work in different ways. As you say, you probably could have polished this game more, but it still works really well just like this. The fact that the enemies all have variants of your elements, and all the enemies feel different regardless of their elements or not (some walk away, others go closer to you) is cool! Keep it up!

Really appreciate your feedback! You don't know how much this means to me!

No worries man! I wish I could like comments on itch, hahaha. I appreciate you appreciating it!